Vincent B. LoCoco – Author

An Italian Moment at a French Resturant

This past Sunday, we took our daughter to Arnaud’s for Brunch for her birthday. Arnaud’s is located in the French Quarter in New Orleans and is one of the classic, French/Creole old line restaurants in the City. At Brunch, a Dixieland Jazz trio plays jazz greats. They came up to our table and sang happy birthday to our little group. Then asked us if we had a request. I asked them to bring a little Italian into the French spot. Lo and behold, the Gumbo Trio, played a perfect jazz rendition of O’ Sole Mio, with Italian vocals sung by  of them. It was outstanding and one of those magic New Orleans moments. Of course, I sang along, and with deep regret for my family, the musicians complimented my voice. They may never shut me up again.