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Italian Vacation

Having just returned from a trip with my family that took me from Soutern Italy all the way to Lake Como and then over the Swiss Alps into Germany and beautiful Salzburg, I will spend the next few blogs discussing a few spots on our trip with a few key insights, not from an expert, but just an ordinary traveler. I hope you find it rewarding.

Day 1 and 2.        Paestum Italy

Paestum was used as the launching pad to Capri and Pompei. Paestum is a small city in the Campania region of Italy. It is mosty known for two things. Buffalo Mozzarella and the most intact Greek ruins in all of Italy.

We visited a Buffalo Mozzarello farm where you were treated to a taste of the most freshest Mozzarello you will ever have. I will state it was not my cup of tea. I think I like my Mozzarella a little more aged. However, in the little cafe, I had a cannoli that was to die for. Here are a few pics from the farm.

As for the Greek ruins, I did not get the chance to go see them while the site was open. However, I highly recommend going to see them at night. I got the hotel staff to bring a group of us by van to the site where you were able to see the ruins spectacularly lit up up night. It was a magical night and is a must do if you find yourself in this area.

Latly, Paestum has wonderful beaches surrounded by mountains in the distance. Great place to walk to in the evenings if you don’t have time to visit during the day.

Paestum: A fascinating little place that if you have the chance, visit if you can.

Chip LoCoco