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Capri and Pompeii

Continuing a recap of our Italian vacation, Part 2 will look at our visit to the island of Capri and the ancient ruins of the town of Pompeii.

Capri, known as the playground of the Emperors, is an island accessible from the city of Sorrento by boat. Surrounded by crystal clear blue water, Capri is stunningly beautiful. You arrive in the Port, known locally as Marina Grande. A Fannicula railroad leads you up to the main square of Capri. You can also take an uphill walk that will lead you the square as well. There you will find shopping, food, and high-end stores. But most of all, you will be awarded some of the best views in all of Italy. Here are a few pics of Capri.

The Blue Grotto was closed when we were there but will add a picture here as it is a must do if you are able.

It’s easy to see why there are ruins of palaces of the emperors on the island, who insisted on spending long periods of time living on the island.


Pompeii is the ancient town that sits at the base of Mt. Vesuvius, which always looms in the background as a majestic reminder of the absolute horror that occurred in 79 AD when the volcano erupted, entombing the city and its inhabitants. I highly recommend a tour guide who can lead you through the vast streets of Pompeii. It’s a fascinating insight into the way people of that time lived. I just love being able to walk these same streets and enter the same buildings that people did so long ago. But as I said, a tour guide can really bring it to life. If you just can’t find a tour guide, then I would recommend downloading Rick Steve’s Audio Europe which offers a great walking tour of the main sites while you listen on your phone.

Here are a few pics first of Vesuvius across the Bay of Naples from Sorrento ….


and then Pompeii itself.

Capri and Pompeii – A stunning, must see, part of Southern Italy.

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Author of A Song of Bellafortuna.