Vincent B. LoCoco – Author

Sicilian Desserts

Everyone knows about gelato in Italy. Walk around an Italian town late at night, and watch all the visitors and locals enjoying their gelato. “Ahh, I love Italian desserts,” you will hear.

While this is true, Sicilian desserts are on a whole different level – of course, in my humble opinion.  How blessed are we in New Orleans to have a specialty gelato and dessert shop whose owners hail from the island of Sicily. The Brocato family came over from Cefalu, Sicily at the turn of the century. Angelo Brocato set up his gelato shop in the French Quarter. The rest as they say was history. The Sicilians who flocked to New Orleans to find a better life, loved visiting Brocato’s. Soon, Brocato’s moved to its present day location on Carrolton Avenue in Mid-City New Orleans.

Of course, they have gelato. But their other desserts are just as delicious.  Spumoni, Cassata, Bisquit Tortoni, Torrancino, and of course, Cannolis -to just name my favorites.

Next time you find yourself in New Orleans, or, if you are a local and have some time to kill in Mid-City, step back in time and enter Brocato’s. You will not regret it.

Chip LoCoco