Vincent B. LoCoco – Author

The War Time Archives of Pope Pius XII Opened Today

Today, in Vatican City, scholars will be able to access the Secret Vatican Archives where they will be able to study documents from the Pontificate of Pope Pius XII during the WWII years.

This is very significant as the Pope’s response to the Holocaust has been severely criticized during the years. There are basically two sides. The anti-Pius side says that the Pope was too diplomatic, too concerned about protecting the Church than speaking out against Nazism and the Holocaust. The Pro-Pius side counters that the Pope did more behind the scenes in saving the Jews than anyone else. And when he did speak out, the Germans knew exactly to whom he was referring.

Time will tell what the archives will show. My best guess is this. Depending on where you fall in the argument, there will be documents to use to support that position. It all comes down to a matter of interpretation and spin.

Chip LoCoco

Author of Saving the Music.