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Italy’s Funeral Ban

This article is written from the perspective of a Sicilian-American watching the devastating news from Italy day after day.

Italians relish and love traditions. One of those traditions has to do with the traditions that all Italians partake in regarding funerals and the veneration of their deceased loved one.

I know from my own Sicilian family here in New Orleans, funerals are a time for everyone to come together and celebrate a life well lived. Of course a lot of kissing and hugging occurs.

With the news out of Italy that the Government has banned all funerals, I would think this only adds to the feelings of despair for all Italians. Unable to follow their traditions for burial must only add to the pain in losing a loved one- a loved one who most likely died in isolation.

I pray with our Pope that this pandemic leaves not only Italy but our entire world and that once again we can all enjoy all of our traditions.

Chip LoCoco

Author – New Orleans

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