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Figuring Out Amazon’s Categories

Did you know that Amazon allows an Author to choose ten categories to place their book into. Categories is the short-cut way that Amazon readers find books in the genre that like best. So, having your book in the best category for your book gets what you wrote right in the face of potential readers.

The key is how to find the right categories to place your book?

I always thought you would have to find books you thought were close to your book, and once pulled up, Amazon would list the three top categories for your book. But I wanted more. What other categories is that book in?

Luckily, we now have a website that just with a books ASIN number or ISBN, you can see every category that the book is listed in. This is a game changer. It made a very tedious task, extremely quick and easy.

The site is:

A universal book link for authors. Play around with it and you can discover the top 100 books in a chosen category, new books in that category, and recommendations on other categories.

As we know, Amazon is a sales power house for authors, and getting our books on the radar of potential readers is the key. Amazon’s Categories is the best way to accomplish this goal and this site is the best method to assist.

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