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From New Orleans writer, Vincent B. "Chip" LoCoco, author of the beloved Italian Historical Fiction novels, Tempesta's Dream: A Story of Love, Friendship and Opera and A Song for Bellafortuna, comes Saving the Music, Book 2 in his Bellafortuna Series.


It is the winter of 1942, and the world is at war. A few Jewish musicians attempt to flee the Nazi death grip, each desperately trying to navigate his own path to safety. With the courageous aid and kindness of strangers, they soon find themselves in Rome, where under the highly secret help of the Vatican, they are hidden in Bellafortuna, a small village in Sicily. The residents of Bellafortuna welcome them and care for them, and for a fleeting moment, the horrors the musicians are facing are forgotten while residing in the beautiful, idyllic landscape of Sicily.

But word soon reaches the small village that Italy has surrendered, now making Germany at war with Italy. War quickly comes to the village as the Germans storm into Sicily to repel the Allied advance. As Bellafortuna becomes front and center in the raging war, the villagers rise as one to try and protect and save the Jews hiding in their midst. Failure to keep them hidden will mean death to those under their protection . . . and perhaps even to the villagers themselves.

An intricately plotted and meticulously researched novel, Saving the Music demonstrates how, in the face of death and unspeakable horror, the strength of the human spirit of ordinary people can shine bright through the darkness.

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Vincent B. "Chip" LoCoco is a fiction writer from New Orleans, Louisiana. Chip is the author of the Italian Historical Fiction Novels, Tempesta's Dream and A Song for Bellafortuna. And now he has recently released Saving the Music.

With his passionate writing style for his subjects, Chip brings forth to the readers his love of all things Italian. Smell the food, hear the music, and see the landscape of magical Italy. He truly brings to life the locales and people in these stories.

With a keen eye on historical details, a gift for storytelling, and a mission to show the world what it means to be an Italian-American, Chip's novels will touch your very soul.

However, there is more. Chip's stories have a moral compass, a purpose more than just entertainment. A purpose to perhaps, in some small way, attempt to make our world a slightly better place. That's a big challenge for a writer, but one that Chip LoCoco has succeeded in doing. These stories drawn from his mind and inspiration stay with you long after you put them away. Pick up one today and get lost in a truly wonderful story with unforgettable people.

Feel free to check the other parts of the website. Check out his blog. See the latest news and most importantly, connect with Chip LoCoco. Send him a message on his contact page and let him know what you thought about the novel you read or ask him a question about the book or even about writing. Chip is a member of the Italian American Writers Association.

Now let's hear from the author.


From Chip LoCoco:

Welcome to my website. Here you will find information about my novels, Tempesta's Dream, A Song for Bellafortuna, and Saving the Music. Somehow, along my life's journey, I became an Italian Historical Fiction novelist. On my website, you can not only learn a little bit more about me, but you can also read my blog which I think you will love. It covers everything from writing, to opera, and all things Italian.

I am always welcome to answering any questions you may have about the novels or writing in general. I also would love to hear from you about what you thought about one of the books.

Mille Grazie. Ciao.
Chip LoCoco


b1 Overview:

A Song for Bellafortuna is a sweeping epic historical fiction tale of love, drama, sacrifice, and redemption, set among the beautiful landscape of Sicily.


  • Winner Of The B.R.A.G Medallion Award In Historical Fiction
  • Named A Short List Finalist In The William Faulkner Writing Competition
  • Named A 2015 Best Reads Selection
  • Listed As A Bestselling Novel In Italian Historical Fiction
  • Named By Amazon As A Top Rated Historical Fiction Novel


b2 Overview:

Tempesta's Dream is the beloved inspirational Italian historical fiction novel about a young aspiring opera singer coming of age and chasing his dream in Milan, Italy.


  • Named By Amazon As A Top Rated Historical Fiction Novel
  • Listed As A Bestselling Novel In Italian Historical Fiction
  • Winner Of The 2014 Pinnacle Achievement Award In Historical Fiction

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